The Environment

For some years now Sodexo has been implementing its So. Eco programme. This initiative concerns the operational implementation of three environmental practices on all of its sites and for all of its service solutions: waste processing, reduction of effluent pollution and energy savings.

In concrete terms on the Airbus SAS site this environmental initiative is materialised by the actions described below:

Waste sorting and recycling

Since 2006, you have been actively taking part in sorting waste. Sorting bins in Airbus colours were installed in 2012 to allow you to separate glass, plastics and aluminium. The sorting of food waste is also in the project phase in your restaurants (compulsory in 2014). With the ISO 14001 system, so that each type of waste can be processed under the best possible conditions and recycled, it must be sorted at the level of the production zones and recycled by composting. In addition, Sodexo is planning to set up a register to ensure the traceability of waste transformation.

Combating water pollution

Most detergents consist of a surprising cocktail of chemicals that are harmful for health and the environment. Through its teams, Sodexo is committed to minimising the impact of detergents on water - for example, on the Airbus SAS site the detergents used are 100% natural, biodegradable and have an eco-label. To take this a step further, Sodexo's staff have received training on the management of cleaning products and on what action to take in the event of any accidental spillage of products that are harmful for the environment. Furthermore, used cooking oils and fats are recovered and recycled, as they can block the drains and negatively impact the operations of water treatment plants.

Energy savings

Several measures have been taken on your Airbus SAS site to ensure the best possible management of energy.
On a day-to-day basis it is simple actions such as switching the lights off in all unoccupied rooms, complying with the pre-heating rules on display that make it possible to limit the amount of power consumed by the different items of equipment, ensuring the regular maintenance and verification of the equipment, not to mention installing presence detectors. In the longer term, Sodexo has chosen to purchase a 100% electrically powered vehicle. Since 2010, you may have come across a Sodexo zero-emissions lorry, which ensures the deliveries to the Airbus SAS site. This vehicle has many advantages, particularly for nature because it does not emit any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The significant environmental aspects are monitored and analysed annually to allow us to act on each one and limit our impact on the environment. Sodexo is at the heart of a continuous improvement initiative concerning environmental management in the framework of ISO 14001 certification.