When you leave, how can you get back the money you have on a Vending Machine account (coffee, sandwiches, etc.)?
Call Robert GRANJON on 06 89 87 10 27 (number given on all the machines) with your badge to hand.

Is it possible with a temporary badge to eat in the restaurant at the same rate as with a permanent badge if you give your name?
Yes, show the cashier your temporary badge, he/she will look for your name so that he/she can apply the usual guest rate and you will be able to pay for your meal with the balance left on your permanent badge.

Which restaurant should you go to if you want to close an account and at what times can you carry out this operation?
At the cash desks of all four restaurants, during opening hours, i.e. between 11.30am and 2pm

Will someone who has been away on parental, sick or sabbatical leave still have their account active when they return, with their money on their badge?
If your badge is active then your restaurant account is active, and the money on it will be available.

When you hand in your permanent badge to the Badge Office and it is cancelled, how do you get back the money that was on it?
Go to restaurant R01 between 11.30am and 2pm and ask for the Cash desk Manager at the cash desk.

Where should you go to recover a badge you forgot on your tray?
Phone the Manager of the restaurant concerned or go to his/her office (see Restaurant R01, R02, R06, B30 contact details).

Is there organic food available at all four restaurants?
Yes, you can choose an organic menu every day.

Is there a restaurant that proposes pizzas every day?
Yes, restaurant B30.

Is the fruit'Bar = Fresh fruit offer a permanent or seasonal offer?
It's now a permanent offer available in all four restaurants.

How often are events organised in the restaurants?
Monthly, very often on the third Thursday of each month.