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CREATION OF LINKS TO airbussas.restosodexo.fr

The airbussas.restosodexo.fr website authorises the creation of hypertext links to its content, provided:
the "deep linking" technique is not used - that is to say the pages of the airbussas.restosodexo.fr website must not be embedded in the pages of another website, and are accessible by opening a window; and airbussas.restosodexo.fr is mentioned as the source of the content concerned.
This authorisation does not apply to websites that publish information of a polemical, pornographic or xenophobic nature or that could, more broadly speaking, be offensive to the general public or prejudicial to public order.


Users are informed that their personal data collected in the framework of the contact forms, personalised services or any other questionnaire are subject to automated processing by Sodexo. The data collected are kept strictly confidential and are intended for the exclusive use of the members and services of the Sodexo group.

Certain specific items of information requested in the on-line forms are compulsory. It should be noted that if they are not keyed in correctly the information will not be sent to Sodexo.

Pursuant to the "French Data Protection Law" (loi "Informatique et Libertés") dated January 6, 1978 as modified by the Law dated August 6, 2004 (articles 38 to 43 of Law No. 78-17 dated January 6, 1978 relative to computing, files and civil liberties), you may exercise your right to access the information concerning you and, where applicable, have it corrected or withdrawn by writing to Sodexo, Direction de la Communication, 3 avenue Newton - 78180 Montigny le Bretonneux, France.

For any information concerning the protection of your personal data you can consult the Commission Informatique et Liberté website.


Sodexo places information at the disposal of Internet users, and makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of said information at the time it is put on-line.
Sodexo may not in any event be held responsible for any harm suffered relative to the consultation of said information.
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