Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing

Initiatives in favour of a healthy diet

The Sodexo Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing Programme: "Boost & moi"

In 2012, Sodexo's "Entreprises" division launched "Boost & moi!", a programme designed to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of our consumers.

- A balanced menu on a daily basis with a set menu for the day with between 750 and 900 Kcal.

- Promoting the consumption of fruit & vegetables: home-made soups, salad, fruit & veg' bar, encouraging the consumption of whole fruits, smoothies, etc.

- Stand dedicated to fitness with "health and wellbeing" recipes and produce

- Produce subject to screening with our nutritional filters

- Balanced vegetarian recipes

- Focused effort to reduce and control the amount of salt in our recipes.

This made-to-measure programme has just obtained the PNNS label confirming that it contributes to promoting the recommendations of the French Ministry of Health. The monitoring and performance indicators supporting this programme have, in particular, been hailed by the INPES committee (National Institute for Prevention and Education regarding Health).