Our chefs make your pleasure their priority. Attentive to the latest consumer and catering trends, as well as to your expectations, they apply themselves to proposing QUALITY products to you each and every day.

QUALITY of the FRESH produce

Because freshness is synonymous with quality our menus consist for 70% of fresh produce. What's more, in each of your restaurants you will find fresh seafood three times a week, along with a wide range of pastries made on the spot by our teams, for the satisfaction of the most discerning gourmets.

QUALITY of the LOCAL produce

Parce que les bons produits sont souvent proches, Sodexo sollicite des producteurs locaux tels que GAEC DES JOUANINELS de Fronton, MELAC Jean Michel de Larra, LOMPECH SARL de Castelsarrasin...qui nous livrent le meilleur de leur production en fonction de la saisonnalité. Aujourd'hui, sur vos restaurants Airbus, il vous est proposé 20% de produits locaux.


Because we all know that labels are a guarantee of quality, in your restaurants we propose labelled produce to you, such as the beef, poultry, pork at the rate of one product each week.


Because organic farming is a necessity today, you have the choice every day of opting for a 100% ORGANIC meal that you will find at your restaurant's 'V comme Vitalité' stand. In addition to that, Sodexo offers you the possibility of consuming a wide range of other organic produce: fruit and dairy products.



Our Sodexo team strives day after day to deliver the best possible service to you and make your lunch break a moment to savour. In order to always serve you better, more than 100 Sodexo staff members regularly take training courses to enable them to come up to your expectations at all times.

And to improve this further, Sodexo has had a Manager dedicated to Service Quality in place at Airbus SAS since September 2012.


In its approach to continuous improvement Sodexo holds three different certificates on the Airbus SAS site.

  • ISO 9001:

    ISO 9001 is an international standard concerning quality management that contributes to achieving continuous improvement. The goal of this standard is to ensure customer/consumer satisfaction and a dynamic approach to listening and meeting explicit and implicit needs. The requirements are essentially materialised by best practices on the site.

  • ISO 14001:

    ISO 14001 is an international standard concerning the safety of the environment that contributes to achieving continuous improvement. The goal of this standard is to reduce the environmental impact of the site and control the key environmental aspects. It is essentially materialised by an environmental analysis leading to the putting in place of best practices, controls and AES monitoring (Important Environmental Aspects).

  • ISO 22000:

    ISO 22000 is an international standard concerning food safety that contributes to achieving continuous improvement. The goal of this standard is to ensure the safety of foodstuffs, to see that only products that are safe are delivered to the consumer. It essentially consists of putting in place the HACCP method leading to best practices, controls and CCP monitoring.